Jan 9, 2017

Seeds of Change in Hawaii

Hawaii is slowly changing, we are becoming more self-sufficient. People are starting to grow their own food again because of the high cost of shipping everything here. More and more people are going solar because of high energy cost. Hawaiian Electric states that Moloka'i will have 100% renewable energy by 2020, according to KGMB Hawaii New Now. That's only 3 years from now.

Tahitian Limes
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Hawaii has a great advantage because it is a perfect place to grow things. Our volcanic soil is naturally acidic. The year-round warm weather is also perfect for farmers, plus we have plenty of rain in many parts of the state. 

When I moved here 15 years ago I planted Tahitian limes, Eureka lemons, Meyer lemons, Flame grapefruit, star fruit, apple bananas, and surinam cherries on my little two thirds of an acre, also avocado trees, grown from seed, and various vegetables like sweet corn, tomatoes, Italian parsley, Tahitian taro, green onions, collard greens and lettuce just to mention a few. I'm now looking into growing strawberries because the island of Maui grows the tastiest strawberry I've ever had. I usually share what I have with my friends and neighbors, or sell what I grow to local grocery stores or at our Saturday Farmer's Market.

Avocados from my yard
As a chef I know the value of having fresh fruit and vegetables on hand in my kitchen. I also enjoy canning my own fruits and vegetables, it's fun and easy.

It pays to grow your own food because most of the grocery stores here on Molokai import most of their fresh produce at a high cost to consumer. Fortunately more and more Hawaiians are realizing how easy it is grow their own food, it's healthier, costs less, and seeds are easy to get either locally or online. Check out this website called homesteadmania.com which talks about being more self-sufficient.

With the seeds of change comes a healthier lifestyle for everyone, and a sense of pride that you grow your own food. Aloha!

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